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What is Country Rocks?


Country Rocks is dedicated to creating a positive environment for venues and artists within the country music scene. We endorse venues that are supportive of artists at all levels and provide opportunities for both new and established artists to share their love of performing live music.

The core ideal behind Country Rocks is providing a service for artists, venues and the fans of country rock that is mutually beneficial for all parties.

We want to create a demand for live music and remind the fans that there are great artists out there just waiting for the chance to entertain you. 

Music is not all about commercial radio and the American scene. Get out there and enjoy all the great Country Rock Australia has to offer.

Where are you based?

We are based in South-Eastern New South Wales, however, we are supporting artists and venues Australia wide.

How can I apply as an artist?

Artist applications can be found here.

How can I apply as a venue?

Venue applications can be found here.

What can Country Rocks offer me as an approved artist?

As an artist, it can be hard to find venues which support you in your musical endeavours. This is where Country Rocks can help. By playing at one of our approved venues 

* The artist will know the venue owner or manager is not totally motivated by money and they also carry a passion for live music. They will also be treated with respect and will be provided with a safe and enjoyable experience. The artist will have the confidence that payment will be made in full and on time.


*The Venue will also be a great platform for the artist to sell their brand and the audience will be more inclined to receive their style of music.


* The artist will also receive publicity and social media support, with the help of the Country Rocks team. 

What can Country Rocks offer me as an approved venue?

As a venue, it can be hard to find artists who can offer the high level of professionalism and quality that you wish to promote. This is where Country Rocks can help. By becoming an approved venue, you will have access to our roster of approved artists and you can be assured

* The artist performing will be of a high standard and they will be proactive in their own promotion. They will have high standard photos, film clips and recordings that the venue can use to promote the event and their venue. The venue will gain more bang for buck supporting artists rather then cover bands. They will enjoy the cross promotion of their venue from money invested by the artist. 


* The venue will also have access to great Australian talent that they may not normally be able to afford. Through local investment and the community anything is possible.


* The venue will also receive publicity and social media support, with the help from the Country Rocks team. 


* Over time the venue will be known for hosting great Country Rock artists. This will create confidence for the fans, even if the artist is not known to them, as they can be sure of the quality and the style of music.

What can Country Rocks offer my community?

*We are focussing all our efforts on regional areas, giving the community opportunities to enjoy the experience and the revenue raised by these events.


*Events can be used as an opportunity for community fundraising. 

People together create a community, and music brings people together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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